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Jetlag cures

(Epistemic status: not particularly supported by science, works on my machine, your results may vary.)

I’ve been traveling across an 8-hour timezone boundary (for work). I rarely experience much jet lag anymore (if my flight lands in the morning, I can still get a productive day; if my flight lands at night I’ll fall asleep properly that night). So I wanted to share how I’ve achieved this and how you (maybe) can too.

Short version – use melatonin supplements and light tricks to force-adjust your sleep cycle, and withdraw from caffeine to make yourself sleepy.

Long version:

Piotr Wozniak (otherwise known as “the SuperMemo guy”) and a few other people on the internet have a model of sleep which is based on a two-component model: a circadian (daily cycle) component and a homeostatic (building-up-pressure) component. Here’s where he describes it...

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Vegan reviews 2

A few more vegan experiments.

I made a grilled sandwich with the Daiya cheddar cheese (same as last time) and some tofurky tempeh and avocado.

I discovered that the melted sandwich was a LOT better! This cheese is no good un-melted, but it melts realistically, and it’s definitely a lot more palatable when melted. If you like grilled sandwiches then definitely get this Daiya cheese -

 Maple Smoked Tempeh Strips

The tempeh tastes okay. Certainly not bad – it smells pretty appealing, and the texture is fine, and the taste is fine. It’s not a bacon or a meat, that’s for sure. But it adds to the overall sandwich.

Tempeh, though, is a lot less nutritious than the tofu “chicken salad” from last time. I’m mainly just using a lot less volume of the...

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Vegan reviews 1

Ok, so I’ve been trying to explore vegan options, in hopes that I might be able to avoid harming animals while being healthy and still enjoying comfort foods similar to those that I grew up with.

The idea of technological progress enabling moral progress is not new. Slavery was commonplace in ancient times, but as technology progressed and machines started to do the things that slaves could do, people started to find slavery more and more offensive, and eventually we got to the situation where it’s essentially been extinguished. My suspicion is that something similar will happen with animal slavery and killing – once we’re able to get sufficiently healthy and delicious food via other means, a moral “tipping point” against animal suffering is not far away.

Anyway, I’m intrigued to be on the forefront of this wave, so I’ll eat a few vegan meals made with high-tech foods and write about...

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Startup Skills Checklist

What skills does your team need to exhibit in order to have a good chance of creating something important? What goes wrong when you don’t have certain skills?

 Product Design

  • visionary: accurately imagine the product’s impact on people before it exists. Without this, you will build a lot of things that are unnecessary and miss things that are important.
  • user experience: accurately model the end user to predict their expectations and reactions. Without this, the product will be confusing and users will be unable to figure it out.


  • asking for help: the courage to ask, and the habit of asking useful people to help you. Without this, you will fail to make use of the substantial combined resources of your friends and the people they know, leading you to miss important opportunities and move more slowly.
  • willingness to escalate demands: when a gatekeeper tells you that something...

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goals? versus systems?

For my birthday party someone asked me what my goals were for the coming year.

I didn’t have a ready answer. I made something up that was pretty generic – succeed at business, become more attractive, and so on.

The obvious question is: for someone who’s a self-improvement nut, what the hell am I doing without a ready list of goals?

I’m not sure. Maybe it’s stupid that I don’t have a list. But when I look back at my year I have a bunch of things that I did improve on. I’ve substantially reduced my social anxiety and expanded my comfort zone a bit; I’ve dated more and gotten better at first dates; I’ve exercised more and gained muscle; I’ve gotten better at business; I’ve become more productive and I waste less time; I’ve developed better sleeping and napping habits; and I have higher self-awareness about my emotional state and habits.

If you asked me on my birthday last year if I...

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